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Looking for a Unique Easter Gift for the Little Ones?


Easter is a glorious time for children! Dying eggs crazy colors, eating¬†marshmallows that look like chicks, thoroughly enjoying biting off the heads of bunny shaped chocolate bars – what’s there not to like?

While hunting down Easter eggs and finding an Easter basket chocked full of goodies may be the highlight of the child’s Easter celebration, there are other Easter gifts that you can give to a child to keep them busy long after the last egg has been cracked.

An Egg Tangram set is a fun puzzle that will keep a little one busy for hours. The puzzle kit includes an egg that has been cut into various shapes and a deck of card. The object of the game is to look at one of the cards (all of them are shaped like birds) and use the pieces of the egg to re-create the image.

So if you are looking for a gift that will last a little longer than a solid life sized chocolate bunny, then an Egg Tangram set can be the perfect accompaniment.

Egg Tangram Set

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