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Champagne Sabers: A Grandiose Way to Celebrate With Champagne


If you’re looking for a unique gift that is rich with history, ideal for celebration, and guaranteed to impress, then look no further than a champagne saber from State Sabers! The saber was the weapon of choice for Napoleon’s cavalry and after many celebrated victories the saber would also be used for opening bottles of champagne.

champagne saber

This would be a fun gift for any occasion that calls for great celebration. For instance, it would make the perfect engagement gift because not only can it be used at the wedding to open the champagne in style, but it can also be used to celebrate the many anniversaries to come! This is the type of gift that could very well become a family heirloom, used to help celebrate many big events in the recipients’ future.

And when it’s not in use, it can sit beautifully on display!

A bit of warning though, it does take some practice getting used to. So it may behoove the recipient to practice a few times before sabering at the big event.

Here is a video demonstration…



For a little more history on champagne sabers check out the Wikipedia page on Sabrage.

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